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LoudGiraffe provides photography & video services, digital design, training, QC, & PM services. We also launch our own web & new media endeavors.

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What We Do

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    Motion graphics
    packages (intros, lower 3rds,titles,
    & transitions)
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    retouching &
    video editing
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    Digital design,
    identity, brand
    for print & web
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    Web design,
    installs and

About LoudGiraffe


About a decade ago we were known as getFlashy.com because we were madly in love with Flash and people were beating down our door to have us create Flash sites, games, instructional interfaces, quizzes, and so forth. Nowadays, we provide many more services and we have undertaken our own giraffy endeavors.

Loud Services

  • Photography
  • Video editing & motion graphics packages (intros, lower 3rds, titles, transitions, and bumpers)
  • Digital spots for marquees(Times Square, NASDAQ, and Las Vegas)
  • Brand identity and brand collateral
  • Digital design for print, web and new media
  • Project Management (PMP certified)
  • Agile Coaching (Scrm Master certified)
  • Quality control / CMS testing
  • Web presence consulting / CMS consulting / Inbound Marketing
  • Instructional Design and educational writing
  • 1-on-1 WordPress training
  • Copywriting and blogging
  • Live training
  • SEO, SEM, and PPC
  • Social Media

The Loud Team Leaders

  • Jessika Sobanski, CSM, PMP Founding Partner
  • Athena Dadiz, CMIT Founding Partner, Creative Director
  • Jade Dadiz, Program Manager
  • Zoey Warecki, Course Developer

Loud Endeavors

Our current endeavors include kidCourses.com (which includes MathLibs®) and proBono4pups.com.

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We occasionally run various live training courses in downtown San Diego and NYC.

loud courses

Loud Testimonials

Great, quick, and affordable is possible when working with LoudGiraffe because you don't have to reinvent the wheel. I received a powerful WordPress site that is intrinsically SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly. In looking at the big picture & leveraging LoudGiraffe's plug-in and theme licenses, my site was built for less than it would have cost for me to get licenses for myself!   My site was up and running in one day!    -   Erika Warecki, Northern Gate

Jessika is self-motivated, showing exceptional leadership and project management skills. She worked on various volunteer projects for Save A Mother, starting as the PM for the initial website in 2008. She initiated follow up projects on her own with a 45% decrease in bounce rate for saveamother.org. Aside from her natural creative talent with visuals and video, she knows how to assemble impromptu teams to meet a deadline. She's accomplished all of this as a volunteer, I can only imagine what she could do as an employee. - Rahul Singhal, Volunteer Executive Director, Save A Mother

LoudGiraffe's Team Member Certifications

  • PMP Certified by PMI
  • ITIL Certified (Foundation) by ITIL
  • A+ Certified by COMPTIA
  • Net+ Certified by COMPTIA
  • Scrum Master Certified by Scrum Alliance

LoudGiraffe Gets Around


Below is a sampling of our work. This portfolio includes photos, videos, and Flash animation.

  • Loud Work
  • Loud Work
  • Loud Work
  • Loud Work
  • Loud Work
  • Loud Work
  • Loud Work
  • Loud Work
  • Loud Work
  • Loud Work
  • Loud Work
  • Loud Work
  • Loud Work
  • Loud Work
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  • Loud Work
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